The Rave

New Year’s Day Ravings: The Hydra at Studio Spaces, Wapping

NYE, a mediocre night for three times the cost of a normal mediocre night?

For the past four years I’ve much preferred New Years Day antics, as the rave options have seen more appealing, this year’s New Year’s Day came with a timetable of events previously untried:

Friend’s Round for Breakfast: 7.00-9.00
The Hydra: Eat Your Own Ears morning rave up at Studio Spaces, Wapping: 9.30-14.00
Home until 23.00 embracing some fresh blood (meaning people, we’re not vampires, although…)
Back to Studio Spaces for Part Deux – The Hydra: Electric Minds

RE-spect to The Hydra, what a sublime NYD display!  For a variety of reasons, probably encapsulating my freshness and excitement, I was particularly loving the morning session.  Sure, sure, lots of people will have been out all night and then rocked up there, but a surprising amount of people were tackling it like us and setting their alarms for an early morning rave up, and it’s easy to share the dance floor with people that think the same way!  Having just the one room open and enough personal space for you to get experimental with your shapes, it was a hit for me.

Four Tet b2b with Daphni always a treat and a stand out moment with the end approaching was  Can’t Do Without You released under Snaith’s Caribou guise, which has a sentimental quality that makes you feel happy for the people around you.

More could be said of the evening session, I know I was loving it, but recollection into words is likely not to be overly insightful.

Hello to 2015, nice to meet you. x


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