Play it Cheap

Cheap Cinema, Barbican Mondays

This isn’t a new gripe, “have you seen the cost of cinema these days?!!”…. “and if you want a box of popcorn, don’t even think about it”.  One loophole on the £12+ ticket I’ve been exercising the last couple of weeks is the Barbican’s £6.00 ticket on Mondays.  If you book online there’s a 60p booking fee but you actually get to choose your seat which gets a massive clap from me as you can arrive in time for the film, rather than in time to get a satisfactory seat.  It’s a great cinema, and makes me visit the Barbican and realise, I need to go to the Barbican more often! – still totally weirds me out… what is it?!  More on the Barbican in another post when I’ve had time for research and musings!  Back to cinema…

Here’s a few of the more reasonable tickets around town:

Peckham Plex on Rye Lane wins the war with £4.99 tickets any day and time, there’s a +50p online booking fee.

The Picturehouse Cinemas are let’s face it, pretty cool screens, but still looking around £12 for weekday evenings, however if you go to Brixton’s Ritzy, at least you can buy a bag of popcorn for a quid from the man at the shop with the phones and the popcorn (in between Tube and the Ritzy, same side of the street, can’t miss it).

Richmix Cinema on Bethnal Green Road gives you cheaper tickets than some, and The Prince Charles Cinema is the most reasonably priced Leicester Square cinema.

And of course you’ve got your Everyman, Curzons and Electrics for being independently cool…. but not cheap.

It’s a shame The Coronet at Notting Hill Gate closed (£3.50 tickets on Tuesday they used to do, and in what year was that last on the cards?!!), but it is being refurbished and due to reopen later in the year as an exhibition and cinema space in the guise of “The Print Room at The Coronet“, so good to stay tuned to that one, as hopefully they’ll still be setting some reasonable prices.

Would be good to hear comments from anyone with further value for money cinema intel!


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