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I’m not a total veggie, but let’s say I’ve got an appreciation for VEG! 😉 healthy eating, sustainability,  and I try to keep my meat intake to a low and with produce I can feel confident in. That be the case, I’m a big fan of veggie cafes, there’s so many possibilities with veg and so good for you!

Last night I went to Carnevale (Whitecross St, EC1) on pursuit of keeping it healthy after the Christmas/New Year binge.  Funny little restaurant really, not in an obvious place, pretty straight forward inside, the food is it’s selling point.

There’s some interesting dishes on the menu, although I kept it pretty ‘stereotypically veggie real’ with the falafel main and also the haloumi and fig kebab with chickpea and spinach curry.  The kebab really was the winner here, the combination of haloumi and fig really worked and one I’ll be trying at home! At £13.50 for a main, it wasn’t cheap and I think that had they been £11, I would have felt better about it.  Also myself and my date shared a dessert, an original sort of apple crumble, which I feel a bit guilty about, and if I had my time again, I wouldn’t have done it, it wasn’t worth the dosh.

Some other veggie faves of mine:

Beatroot, Berwick St, Soho – £6.20 for a medium box of whatever you want from their hot and cold food, and it’s one of the few places it works out better for you to eat in, because you still pay the same but they overfill the box, it doesn’t need shutting!!

Vantra Vitao, Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street – I ate in on a lunchtime choosing from the buffet and it was around £7/8 – for one of those hungover days when you need to replenish your nutrient stocks, was a really tasty feed.

Mildreds, Lexington St, Soho – one of the most well known veggie restaurants, I’ve eaten in there once for dinner and it was very nice, it’s a lovely little restaurant, but what I use it for mostly is lunchtime takeaway – box of buffet choosing for around £6.

Fresh Cafe, Lexington St, Soho – not actually a veggie cafe, but a good healthy living type of place with EXCELLENT smoothies and juices done right, which can be hard to find.

Ethos near Oxford Circus – I haven’t been but this one has been getting rave reviews.  Great food but charges by weight so from what I’ve heard can work out expensive.

Titbits, Regent St, Oxford Circus – I find the food really tasty here, but again, charged by weight and I was left a little miffed by the cost of my lunch out… think I’d prefer to go to Beatroot for value for money, but this is a proper restaurant experience.

Would love to hear from anyone with further veggie cafe loves!

The government launched Meat Free Monday at the end of last year which brings light on the fact that the rate of meat eating is not sustainable.  I won’t get on my soapbox here, but just to say, there can be a lot of good veggie ideas on the #meatfreemonday hashtag, and a simple way to reduce the amount of meat we are eating, which is needed in a world sense… PEACE X



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