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Spitalfields Saturday

Spitalfields was built on the ground of the old ‘hospital fields’! – love that sort of word deriving knowledge.

On the second Saturday of the month there’s a record fair at the market with vinyl traders as well as the usual clothes and bits and pieces, so I met a friend there who enjoys picking through record collections, and whilst he did that, I picked up some great sunglasses, two pairs for £13! and then the stall owner chucked in a third pair – what a fella!

Old Spitalfields Market Record Fair, 2nd Saturday and 1st & 3rd Friday of every month

Old Spitalfields Market Record Fair, 2nd Saturday and 1st & 3rd Friday of every month

I was really impressed by what was on offer, especially the vintage leather jackets, you just have to watch out sometimes – remember the “vintage” jars you bought Laura? all but identical to the ones you later found in tescos, all but the jam! 😉  But anyway, you don’t have to make purchases, it’s prime mooching ground, especially on a Sunday as you can team it with the close by Brick Lane as well.

Spitalfields is open every day of the week, check out the website to see the different mix of sellers and events. 

We went to Culpeper on Commercial Street for a quick drink after the market and what a lovely looking establishment that is!!  It’s obviously had a great refurbishment job, really makes the most of the building, and the quality of the job is confirmed with the new dyson hand dryer!  I’m very happy to know it’s there and will get back when I’m next in the area.  Pub on the ground floor, restaurant on first floor with some very large tables, then hotel rooms bookable come spring on the 2nd, and a roof terrace on the, you’ve guessed it… roof!  Roof terraces can be hard to come by, definitely going to try and remember that one for the summer.  Also serves brunch, lunch and dinner.

Check out Culpeper’s website, it’s worth a look!


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