Play it Cheap

And I’ve still got love for the Streets

I commonly stop in awe when I walk around this town, there’s an excitement that pours inside me filling me up to the brim until it bubbles out my head in the form of blonde curly hair.  To stumble on something that surprises and impresses is cool, such as this street art on Fashion Street…. I had hoped to provide a reason as to why Fashion Street has such a name – “it was a hot spot for textile factories in the 1950s” or the like, but I can’t find anything on it, however Petticoat Lane is close by and it was named Peticote Lane during the early 1600s when it was a commercial district selling secondhand clothes and bric-a-brac, so have that instead.

Some Street Art on Fashion Lane near Spitalfields Market

Some Street Art on Fashion Lane near Spitalfields Market

I also found Ravey Street, and boy, does that street know how to party!

Smokin' a Spliff on Ravey Street

Smokin’ a Spliff on Ravey Street… ART

Ravey Street

I’m going down, to Ravey Street


There’s street art tours around town, I saw one of them checking out Ravey Street when I was there.  I really mean to book on one, just haven’t managed to yet.  My mates went on one run by Alternative London and sang it a lot of praise, there’s also Street Art London Tours, one by Insider London, London Graffiti Tours and more! and also if you’re into Art, it’s a good idea to check out what Peckham has on offer, you may be able to find a tour or an art walk you can do yourself… race you to it!



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