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Moving South to North London & Battersea Establishments

I’ve only gone and done it, the big move, 10 years of harking from SW London, and my post code has gone all N!

As I rode up top in a big van (highlight of the move and great van man if anyone needs one), I asked my housemate, why does this feel so big?  He agreed, “I know!” – what bridge are we going over? Tower Bridge so we can swing by Traitors Gate?

South London, I have loved being inside you, you are part of me, I won’t forget you, it’s just time for a change, it’s me, not you, you will prosper without me and I hope we can be friends and spend time together in the future.

Things I will miss about living on the Wandsworth/Battersea border:

Being so close to the Thames, the Duke of Cambridge on Battersea Bridge Road (check out the mural of the regulars on the back right wall), Doodle Bar – you can play free ping pong and doodle on the walls! Battersea Park, what a park, Wandsworth Park and Common – why not play a spot of lawn bowls come spring? Wholefoods Clapham Junction for righting Friday’s wrongs with Saturday morning juices (well, I liked to think so), the N44, Sunrise 24 hour shop on Plough Road, fuelling middle of the night alcoholic binges for years, big shout out to you bruvvers, Bella Mia Pizza Restaurant…

Actually woah woah woah, I cannot skip by this citing without giving Bella Mia its dues.

Bella Mia is a great pizza delivery, takeaway and restaurant, rather unassumingly nestled on York Road, it’s an authentic Italian at low cost and should be used wherever possible.

And if you do go, watch out for the mechanics garage just along the road from it, it is like an Aladdin’s cave of car parts with a surly looking guy sat out front, I guess he knows where everything is but it doesn’t look possible!

I can’t really carry on with the list, it’s getting emotional and I’ve realised there’s too many good tips to include…. I will have to break it down in another post!

And so to North London a new muse for my explorations and perhaps a more mature, more refined, more together me…. perhaps.


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