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Camden to Claridges – London, with this Saturday, you are really spoiling me

I don’t know why I was surprised, they were THE Christmas present of 2014 so had to emerge somewhere, but never have I seen such a high volume of selfie sticks than what the visitors to Camden had on display today – put your selfie sticks up for London, I love this city.

Having had a bigger night out than planned last night, I wasn’t in the best place for taking on Camden High Street on a Saturday, but I managed to to make it the 80m needed to the Camden institution and safe haven that is the Hawley Arms, props to the sign that made me enter with a smile… I do love a good sign.  Heaving downstairs but got a table upstairs… perhaps people don’t know there is an upstairs, still, works for me.  Always a great one to check out if you’re up for some live music.

Come on in!  Hawley Arms

Come on in! Hawley Arms

I love Hawley... Arms, Camden

I love Hawley… Arms, Camden








So pick up of best friend and onto her birthday treat, Claridges for Afternoon Tea – ooooh errrrh!  Not going to bang on here, you go to a five star hotel for afternoon tea, it shouldn’t be short of excellent, and it wasn’t.  I’ve done a few of the big ones and Claridges is my favourite (best scones ever!), and art deco design being my thang, this hotel is such a treat, and I was pretty impressed with myself and Claridges that I spotted the foyer’s chandelier is the work of Dale Chihuly (also the Rotunda Chandelier in the V&A and The Sun in Berkely Square… yeah, yeah, I know, his style isn’t too hard to identify!)  Claridges is  five star without being stiff, staff are natural and welcoming, sitting in its lounge feels like a hug… actually the seats by the main doors have heated backs, makes it worth taking a seat to prepare yourself for leaving the place…. it’s a shame it has to happen, but two hours is about all I could afford.  One thing I’m taking away is cheese scones, cream and some sort of apple jam really works and a lesser version will be created by me at a brunch party of the future! Happy Saturday to One and All!

NB All pictures were taken without the use of a selfie stick.

Dale Chihuly Chandelier in Claridges Foyer

Dale Chihuly Chandelier in Claridges Foyer

Decimated Afternoon Tea at Claridges Hotel

Decimated Afternoon Tea at Claridges Hotel


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