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Christabel’s Madhatters Brunch!

London is loving brunch these days, and I’ve got to say, it’s my favourite too!  Mash-up by name, mash-up by nature.  Supper clubs have long been on the foodie social scene in London (you go round someone’s house or venue, for a price they feed you a set menu, and are usually BYO) but many more of them are drifting into brunch-time territory.

I found Christabel’s Madhatters Brunch on and as I was taking it on as a birthday brunch outing for me and my friends, I booked out the capacity, but usually you’d buy a certain number of tickets and be mixed up with other diners, so I think the social side really has something to offer.  I liked that everyone knows what ££s they’re in for when they sign up, as once you add on the cost of drinks and service, going out to dinner can soon amount to more than planned.  The BYO element is another great positive as it doesn’t hold people back like the cost of a bottle of fizz in a restaurant would.

Christabel was such a great hostess and pandered to my needs of playing my friend’s wizardly curated playlist and having a Majestic delivery arrive at her venue early doors – I got a chilly bin with ice and bottles of prosecco delivered so they were nice and cold for when people arrived, which was just as well, because I was actually over an hour late to my own party!  Alarm malfunction, ok Alarm Operator Error may be more accurate (Move D at Plan B the night before, what can I say? it was my birthday… that seems to work ;-)).

Christabel's Madhatters Brunch

Christabel’s Madhatters Brunch

The venue of this particular brunch was in an apartment overlooking the Regents Canal (such a unique slice of London!), although I know that she is currently holding events in different venues around town and I can’t wait to attend one of her new ventures.  She’s really got a great mind for putting an entertaining dining package together, with such intriguing touches, and I recommend anyone to give her events a go!  To find out more visit Christabel’s website on


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