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Ibérica and the pubs of Clerkenwell Green

I can’t sing very well and I’m not religious but once a week I go to Choir Club at a church in Clerkenwell, it makes for a refreshing kind of lunchtime!  I love Farringdon, not just because it’s home of Fabric, but I find it an underused part of town, and like the City, at the weekends, the population turns way down (grab a boris bike, it’s actually enjoyable!).

Clerkenwell Green has got some good pubs in very close vicinity, you can do a three stop pub crawl walking less than 40m, being The Green, The Three Kings, The Crown Tavern – EASY!  All well worth their stops and stripes…. ah, The Bowler is probably a good one to mention here as it’s so close, but then I’d also have to mention the Hat & Tun and then the radius starts to grow.

The Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell Green

The Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell Green

So at Christmas my choir club friend (and future co-blogger ;-)) and I, thought to hell with it, let’s get festive, let’s sing carols, drink mulled wine and go get lunch… and so to Ibérica we did go.

St James's Church, Clerkenwell Green, I realise why the pub opposite is the Three Kings now, doh!

St James’s Church, Clerkenwell Green, I realise why the pub opposite is the Three Kings now, doh!

Ibérica Farringdon, Turnmill Street

This is the third Ibérica to open up around town after Marylebone and Canary Wharf where they also have a Terraza by the looks of it, and I’ve got to say, what a delight it was.  The restaurant is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside with a large seated restaurant area out the back with a bar counter dominating the forefront, but still with  table areas around it (some people did have their team Christmas outing when we were there and I thought they had good spaces for that sort of drinks/tapas affair).

Ibérica, Turnmill Street, Farringdon

Ibérica, Turnmill Street, Farringdon

I definitely have a type of restaurant, give me an eating at the counter scenario with small plates to share and staff that have got some chat, then I’m pretty happy, and Ibérica doth provide.  We ate pescatarian and they had heaps of choice, the squid was a highlight, actually, I think we asked for a second hit!  I have absolutely no qualms about going for the cheapest wine, I live by the rule that if the ‘house/cheapest’ wine is not good, then you’re in a place that hasn’t got the right attitude, and so the £19 tempranillo was perfect for our light red quaffable tastes, and allowed us to make the most of the food, which was sooooooo tasty.  When the bill came to £30 each, I though that for all that we had, it was really good value.

I have to hold my hands up, I start getting a bit prickly about restaurants when you know they’re becoming a chain, but what? Doesn’t it mean they’re doing something right?  And I think that’s the thing, as long as they grow at a rate that ensures they keep a hold of their quality and culture, what more can you say but well done and good luck.  The staff were absolutely great, it really does make a difference, so thank you guys for the lovely hospitality and whatever the hazelnut digestive drink you gave us was – it was yummy, salud!  Wishing you a prosperous 2015 Ibérica, keep smiling! 🙂

Main Site: www.ibericarestaurants.com



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