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Bibigo Korean Restaurant, Soho

This is my bibi-go-to restaurant when I’ve got to pick somewhere for a work lunch.  Perhaps a weird thing to say, but I like the acoustics and the table spacing, there’s a background noise that doesn’t offend but ensures there’s an atmosphere.  It serves really tasty food, has got attentive staff, and is priced reasonably- if my company are paying, or another company are paying, I feel confident in the choice (like I’m not taking the piss but it’s still of a standard) – I’ve gone there on a personal level too, late evening, sat at the bar with a friend, you can just go in there for drinks as well – so something to bear in mind when every pub on the street is heaving!  Plus I have seen Dexter Fletcher in there, must be cool, right?

Bibigo Korean Restaurant, Great Marlborough Street, Soho

Bibigo Korean Restaurant, Great Marlborough Street, Soho

I think the best way to tackle it is to get a selection of small plates for the table to share as a starter, and then each pick a main.  Standout, easy to share, small plates are the green tacos, courgette pancake, dumplings, and black pudding… even if you don’t like black pudding, I would give yourself a push to try this one, it’s different in a good way! – I think where traditional pudding may add breadcrumbs, this adds noodles… I’m probably not selling it, but give it a go!

You must get very strong arms working in this joint as some of the bowls and dishes they have to carry are HEV-EEE!!  You may have seen these bibimbap dishes served in the big hot stone bowl, well it’s got all that!  Oh, and it’s got coedo beer, what a delight, try one!

This is my first exposure to Korean food, this and the street vendors Kimchinary that feature at KERB, but I caught them at Camden Brewery in the summer when they were knocking out some brilliant Korean tacos.  I’ve also heard good things about Bibimbap on Greek Street, also in Soho, and Kingston is the Korean eatery hot-spot, Kingston also has a Korean Festival in the summer!

Bibigo has also opened a new restaurant just down the road from Angel tube, next to Jamie’s Italian.

For more info on London’s Korean Restaurants, the Londonist do a good summary.

For Bibigo’s website, go to www.bibigouk.com.  They also do a three course lunch deal for £9, midday to 4pm – can’t argue with that!  Best to check it’s still on if you go.

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