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The finding of Pub Function Rooms, London

Birthday party venue?  Engagement Drinks? (who has those other than in soaps?!)  or want to put a night on….  It’s not always easy finding a function room or pub in this city that fits the bill, what’s the problem?  I just want to play my own music, alright?!  When you look at what’s advertised online as being a space or room for hire, it’s actually quite limited and costly, but in reality, there’s lots of bars and pubs that would be happy of the hyped up business, it’s just seeking them out and putting it to them!

Last year I was looking for a pub with a function room where I could have a ceilidh band and dancing for about 25 of my mates, and then have an amigo DJ later on.  I felt like the heat was on to find somewhere suitable and not pay a bomb… or ideally, anything!

Some findings:

Red Lion, Hoxton – I really like this place, it’s quirky, it’s got some upstairs rooms you can book, but believe you still have to go downstairs to the bar – that can be ok though, chance to mix it up with new people downstairs and bring them up to where the music’s at!

The Stags Head, Hoxton – what an absolute winner this is, I love this place like my local.  Great encouraging staff, charged £50 for the room hire and to make sure the sound guy (well, you’re more than the sound guy aren’t you Bekham?!) was about to help with what we needed.  It’s got a room just off of the main pub, but not completely separate, can set up for bands and DJ.  As long as the diary’s free, they’re pretty open to anything.  Love that the old time regulars sit at the corner of the bar and take in whatever the new kids are up to, sometimes bemused, sometimes in for the cause!  Great pizza, great attitude.

The Scolt Head, N1 – didn’t enquire about price/minimum spend but has got a decent size room to the rear, leading from the main pub, and is by all accounts a really good pub.

The Constitution, Camden – Friend used the downstairs of this place recently for a 30th birthday with DJ.  I know they were really good about her decorating the place making it WILD with lots of leaves and tree parts going on.  (No trees were harmed in the making of this party, were they Carly?)

The Star by Hackney Downs – Also venue to another 30th party I attended, the one where I left early to cancel my cards because I thought I’d been pick-pocketed, only to find, they were on my shelf at home!!  Before I completely kamikaze’d myself, was having a brilliant time! – great space upstairs, that’s free to hire in the week.

The Golden Lion, St James’s – This will be on the more expensive side of things, it’s the whole goodamn pub that’s up for grabs!! – but it can also fit in a high number of people.  It’s a proper old school English drinking establishment, think wooden panels. And being around St James’s doesn’t have much action at the weekends when all the blue suits are walking dogs in the home counties.  Downstairs and upstairs, mate hired it for a birthday all dayer complete with pub quiz – was perfect for the day.

The Star of Kings, Kings Cross – Mate has held an event here, really a pretty large space downstairs and I’ve seen that people have used it for different sorts of occasions, so can only think they are pretty adept at the process.  They have four different spaces available for private hire and easy to get to from the station.

The Old Crown Pub, New Oxford Street – These guys got in touch so cheers for letting us know about your spaces for hire Old Crown!  They say “Whether you’re planning catch-up drinks, a birthday party, a film screening or a corporate function, the Old Crown can accommodate your needs with three different spaces available for private hire. Split over three historical floors of an old Victorian public house, the Old Crown captures a character and a quirky atmosphere that few venues can rival.”  It does look like they have some cool looking spaces on their website, and a central location too!

The Haggerston, Kingsland Road – upstairs room with bar.

The Albany, Regents Park – it’s got a downstairs that’s available for hire, haven’t actually seen the space, just become aware of it.

The Market House, Brixton – lively bar, nice mix of people, it’s an easy place to end up when you’re not planning it.  My mates just had a 30th there on a Saturday night where the place let them have the upstairs exclusively until 22.00, and then opened it to the rest of the joint, and Market House had a DJ on from that time.  They didn’t make them pay anything, my friends just told them how many people they were going to bringing down, and they were happy with that – nice darts Market House!

I think you’ll agree, not a fully comprehensive guide 😉 but I think worth putting out there, as it’s research already conducted!  If you know of any other places that lend themselves to bookings, please comment away, would love to hear.

If it wasn’t obvious, which it was, I went with The Stags Head – thanks for seeing my 30th birthday in with me guys, you were champs!  Will be back on Valentines Day to give you a kiss x



2 thoughts on “The finding of Pub Function Rooms, London

  1. We have 4 different spaces available for private hire so will always have somewhere to suit your event.
    Kings Cross also has the best transport links in London.
    Big up for the Star by Hackney Downs as well.


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