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Coffee done right at Bar Termini, Soho

I thought I might just learn something about coffee at a “coffee masterclass”, but I wasn’t prepared for the enlightenment, uh oh, I think it’s become another area of life I’ve just got more snobby about.

Marco was the man in the know, and what a wealth of coffee knowledge the man has to impart!  Sustainability & business ethics strike a chord with me, and so two things that stuck is that 1) Illy (the brand that is used at Bar Termini) pay their coffee farmers the best deal at around 30% more than fair trade, and 2) so not to add to the mountain of paper-cup waste our city churns out, Bar Termini is a drink-in only establishment – how continental! it is the work of two Italians after all.

 As long as you use good beans, isn’t it all the same?  Well, no, now I know it isn’t, with a host of elements that make the perfect cup, a major one being the fineness of the grind, also the warming of your tools, using the first oily part of the press and drinking from a proper cup that doesn’t mess with the sealing nature of the crema.

A small place located at the Charing Cross Road end of Old Compton Street, it’s open from 7.30 – 23.30 Monday to Friday, from 8.30 on Saturday and 10.30 on Sunday.  It’s not just for coffee, it’s cocktails too 🙂 with the coffee side of things managed by Marco, and the cocktails, Tony (man behind 69 Colebrook Row),  make your own mind up as to what time you draw the line coffee/cocktail line!

If you are on the run, you can pop in for a single ‘espresso al bar’ for just £1! if you’re got time for a seat, then the espresso al tavola is for you.  The menu is a tight curation, a spice girls of coffee and cocktails that should provide something for everyone’s tastes – other than latté I can’t remember the names, but there’s coffee with chocolate, an extreme version of a cappuccino with more air than milk, and there’s also a brilliant ‘scoop of ice-cream in coffee thing’…. it was dreamy.

This week’s masterclass was on espresso, but there’s more coming up, keep a look-out on twitter, @Bar_Termini.

Bar Termini is an antique rifle in anyone’s ‘up my sleeve arsenal’, and I’ll be looking forward to pulling it out.  Give it a whirl to know what proper coffee tastes like.

Bar Termini’s Website

Life's Too Short for Bad Coffee

Square Meal


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