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Well & Bucket, Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch

Bethnal Green Road is becoming a bit of a favourite, apart from when the football’s on and you’re frantically rushing around with your mate trying to find a normal boozer to watch it, “shiiit, everywhere’s too bloody trendy ’round ‘ere!”.

Well & Bucket was a great pick for a Friday catch-up with a friend.  It’s a trendy pub about five minutes walk from Shoreditch High St Station.  It felt all warm and glowy, with soft lighting, red candle pots on the tables, plus, artwork with skulls on, my friend’s favourite! Imagine her delight when she discovered she could take home free skull inspired coasters!  No really love, you have mine too! 😉  House wine £17, busy but lots of seating as well as good space around a central bar, so can work yourself into a good position, plus, there’s another bar downstairs with more bookable tables for larger groups.

Further down the road, Blanket Beach Babylon… was expecting something from this place and it didn’t deliver… looks the part, but really isn’t my sort of bag, over-expensive, #citytypes, perhaps Friday night didn’t show it in its best light.  Did drop Amerie on the DF downstairs though, which I will never ever not dance to.

Then, next place, what a diamond, Bistrot on Redchurch Street.  It was exactly what we wanted, a complete juxtajump from BBB.  Little wine bar with friendly staff and punters, late night place where you can chat and be merry.  It doesn’t even appear to have a website – it’s old style cool!!  Really happy to have found this place and will be back, might then be able to fill in the details!


Well & Bucket, Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch

Well & Bucket, Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch








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