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Lock-in Lunch gets a Residency at Hixter City

Back in November I was lucky enough to go to Lock-in Lunch’s first offering at Hixter City, having previously swung its swing at faux French brasserie Les Deux Salon.  With Hixter City providing a great space for drinks, lunch, and after party, I think it’s found a perfect home.

Idea being, you and your friends book a table for lunch and the full dining room of over 100 people sit down at the same time.  You may think this equals substandard service, I mean, those waiters and waitresses have got a lot on their plates haven’t they?!  Well, I guess they did, but they still did a great job.

I’m not the sort of person who eats at Hixter quality restaurants all that often, so it was a real treat for me, but with food and wine specials, starter size and sharing options, it’s a manageable and oh so tasty menu.  It’s a noisy, fun afternoon scene and by the time we were onto desserts we were making friends with our neighbours and inviting them to join.

At 19.00 things get deeper, literally, as the party heads downstairs.  I’ve never wanted to call my number one, but, Mark’s Bar in Soho is somewhere I refer to as “maybe my favourite bar in London” (I know, so bold), and this bar shares a lot of its style.  Some DJs added to the mix and this lunch party was on a smooth trajectory to ramping up!

It’s great to see this type of fixture on the London circuit when so many of these ‘brunch’ parties don’t focus on the food.  This setting ends up suiting a lot more friends than would a ravey night out – great to catch up in the light of day, and then the option for onwards party is right where you happen to be!

The love of good food, good music and good people has somewhere to be on the first Saturday of the month.


Upstairs at Hixter City

Upstairs at Hixter City

Square Meal


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