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Trullo Restaurant, Islington

Well it was a special occasion, a mega-mate’s birthday, and so time to act on a hot tip! – Italian inspired restaurant Trullo, step-up.

We were warned we may have trouble booking but luckily we managed to get an early dinner reservation on Birthday Wednesday itself, we were one of the first tables in there, but the place was packed within an hour.

I liked the size of Trullo’s menu, it’s succinct with around four choices across four sections: antipasti, primi, oven, charcoal grill, and then dessert and cheese should you so choose!  (We took the cocktail route instead – if you like grapefruit the “trullo” apertivo is an absolute winner, apparently new on the menu.)

Our table of three each chose a first and second course, share-bearing the smaller plates – crab linguini, rabbit bruschetta, and beef carpaccio, yum, yum and…. yum.  It was all taste sensational but I loved the rabbit, the meat was so delicate in a sauce that soaked into the bread.  I know some people shy away from rabbit, but when it’s cooked like this, they surely don’t know what they’re missing!

For main I had lemon sole and the lads had pork, loved the flavour of the fish and particularly the garlic spinach that accompanied it, could hit that stuff like Popeye.  The pork was also thoroughly enjoyed and came with a side of beans, which made for a filling meal and we were right not to order extra sides.

Other than the food, the staff really made this place standout, great service from natural friendly staff PLUS, I was sipping on an espresso martini digestivo when a waitress let me know my drink was on the house, apparently she didn’t mean it to out when it did because some of it had been spilt.   I thought it tasted great before, but once it was free ;-)! – love an honest act, what standards and how endearing!

The restaurant has got a classic look with modern flares such as the bar along the back wall, this also leads to a small open kitchen, it’s a nice touch, a little tucked away but still, “the kitchen is just there!” – you can see the activity when you visit downstairs, which homes another dining area with a more intimate feel, booths and softer lighting, jazz club-esque.

Trullo, is great tasty food in a classic welcoming restaurant, can’t wait to have a reason to go back.  Salute Trullo! 🙂

Trullo Restaurant, Islington

Trullo Restaurant, Islington



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