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Coco Momo & Scarfes Bar at Rosewood Hotel, Holborn

Holborn’s not a usual place to meet up, not unless you’re going to the British Museum or using this route as an in to Covent Garden, but, with the criss-crossing of the Central and Piccadilly lines, Holborn played a convenient role in bringing together friends working either side of town.

We met in Coco Momo on Theobalds Road which provided some of the cheapest drinks I know about come 18.00 on a Friday.  Their cocktail happy hour(s) 17.00-20.00 daily, gives you 2-4-1 cocktails, providing they are the same cocktail, usually priced at just under £8.  I had reserved a table although there were a few tables that were free throughout the night – it’s nice that whilst busy, there was room to breathe at Friday prime-time, unlike many pubs I walked past on the way.  They have an easy sharing menu that my friends got involved with, and were very pleased with the food, what’s more, we got free sausages when there was a mistake with someone’s order, Lizzo was a happy lady ;-).

After our time at Coco Momo we were on our way off home when something fancy caught our eye, all notion of ‘playing it cheap’ was gone with the wind and we were magpied into the Rosewood Hotel’s Scarfes Bar.  It was pretty late which had probably freed up some room and we were lucky to get seated on the sofa right next to the fire – how lovely and a great mingling spot!!  There was even live music dammit, and a subsequent morning memory of ‘couples dancing’ – I don’t know couples dancing so I’m not sure how that went down, but we did leave of our own accord, so that has to count for something.

With the Holborn Dining Room (now on the To-Do List) also fronting the Rosewood Hotel, it’s an impressive building to enter.  The previous link was to the Rosewood Hotel’s Scarfes Bar page, but check out Scarfes Bar own website here for more details about what’s on.  With live music six nights a week, it really is a delightful late night velvet hang, and a very fine reason to be in Holborn.

Scarfes Bar at Rosewood Hotel, Holborn

Scarfes Bar at Rosewood Hotel, Holborn

Would love to hear other great reasons to be in Holborn!!


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