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Fresh Soho walks the juice talk

I have a highly strung attitude when it comes to juices, ever since I learned they’re best drunk within 15 minutes of juicing, or else their nutritional value starts to wain.  So when I asked the girl at Leon whether those juices were fresh, and she replied, they’re fresh as of this morning, I could only respond with a dismissive “never mind” – yeah, I know, eekers! but I think I’m pretty chilled in others area of life, just let me have juices, recycling, wastefulness and dilly-dallying.

FRESH Healthy Eating Cafe on Lexington Street in Soho is a gem, and one of the few places I’ve found that will juice AND blend on the spot – that’s a two step process, juicing what they need to and then blending in other ingredients such as avocado, parsley, and today, kale, because I’m the sort of person who can handle my kale blended – not everyone’s the type.

Even Wholefoods, as much as I love their juices, sometimes pour in apple or orange juice from a pre-juiced jug on the side, and how am I to know how long that’s been sat there? the stopwatch has already started!!  What’s more, in Clapham Junction, they’ve started making up bottles of pre-mixed juice, so now when I want a green machine, I have to change one of the ingredients so I feel justified in asking them to make mine fresh!

The only other place I’ve seen with on the spot juicing of the two-stepper variety is the juice man in a trailer at the top of Earlham Street, near Shaftesbury Ave, and I’ve also got high hopes of the juice guys at Broadway Market’s School Yard collection, if their juices are as good as their tunes, I think we could be onto a winner.

Planet Organic is another worthy contender, but their green machine smoothy (that isn’t thick enough to be a smoothy) is £5(!!!) at their Essex Road branch, I mean, there’s a tipping point in there, isn’t there?  One which has you  assessing your priorities in life?  Top marks to the Big Issue man’s positioning outside that shop, definitely made me think, & until inflation hits those heights, I’m calling [once in a life] time, on £5 non-alcoholic drinks.

Please share any other elite juicers you know about, the true bloods aren’t that easy to find!

A good juice these days is hard to find

A good juice these days is hard to find


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