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Ethiopian Food on the Holloway Road

Sunday 1 March 2015, Ireland v England in the 6 Nations and Chelsea v THFC in the League Cup Final, the day of sport that promised so much (if you are an optimist like me!), but delivered so little.  The football result ended all feeling of merriment, and the one good thing about that (because I am an optimist), was that I exited the pub at an OH-SO reasonable hour, which made time for some cheap eats on the Holloway Road and home in time for Three Men and a Little Lady, which, by the way, has some jokes of an adult nature I don’t think I’ve appreciated before – another level!

To get the taste of disappointment out my mouth, I wanted to use some more unfamiliar tastebuds and get exploratory – cue Mesi’s Kitchen at 128 Holloway Road, it’s Ethiopian and newly opened!

Thanks so much to the waitress for handling my something healthy/vegetarian/whatever you think request.  What I ended up with is a classic dish from that part of the world, called injera!

So, it’s like this massive savoury pancake, spongey, but not oily, and out it comes with lots of other little dishes (for me it was some salad, cooked spinach, and some lentil dahls), which you turn out on top of the spongey bready thing, you with me, right? yeah?  Then you tear off bits of the bread and hold it in between your thumb and forefinger to pick up the other concoctions, and then it’s down the cakehole from there, easy!

I was actually the only person in the place at the time, but it was open until 23.00, and that’s on a Sunday, so I imagine and hope it got busier later on. The waitress was keen to have me back, they do great beef and fish she said, which you can also have on said spongey-bready-pancake-thing.  I am keen to return with company, it was an original, filling, flavoursome feed for the sum of 7.5 Great British Pounds.

That Injera's packing a 40cm diameter

Hard to tell but that Injera’s packing a 40cm diameter

Hold it like so

Hold it like so

No website for Mesi’s Kitchen as yet, but it’s well worth a shot!
128 Holloway Road, London N7 9JE


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