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Wine Tasting at Vinopolis, London Bridge

Six months on from my Big 3-0, I’m 30 and a half and I’ve run out of presents, ouch.  The last gift to cash in was a wine tasting experience at London’s Vinopolis, yippee!!

Vinopolis is set in the arches of the railway bridge joining Cannon St and London Bridge, very near to Borough Market.  You need to visit whilst you can, as in November it’s closing, having been bought by developers that will turn it into retail units.  It’s hard to get excited by this, hopefully it will open up this beautifully cobbled part of town for all to enjoy, just please not a Monsoon/French Connection/Starbucks yada yada.

Back to the current Vinopolis:  There are bookable times to start your… ‘experience’… (I want to use the word tour, but it’s not really a tour), which run every half an hour and kick-off with a 20 minute talk on how to taste wine.  Then off you trot into the vaults, filling your glass with tastings from vending machines using a pre-loaded Vinopolis credit card!  There’s a red wine room, a white wine room, champagne, spirits, and a great hangout space where they serve cheese and charcuterie fare if you’re feeling peckish (this is at extra cost to your ticket).  For some reason I must have been too excited to digest, there’s some vespas parked up in one of the rooms, well they’ve got the space, why not?!

Verdict:  Vinopolis involves wine, so it’s a very enjoyable outing, where you get to take in the novelty around you, and be more involved in the act of drinking than usual!  It would be easy to do with someone you didn’t know that well as it provides the chat and entertainment for you.

Tip:  Register your vending machine card, as Vinopolis will send you an email listing the wines you taste! The one token Malbec is a winner.  You don’t always have to book ahead, if you’re in the area and it takes your fancy, pop in and speak to the staff about what’s on offer.

Vinopolis has a restaurant, a bar, and different packages to offer, which you can check out here.

Vespas in Vinopolis Wine tasting

Both hands on the handlebars, I take my pretend drink driving a little more seriously than my friend there 😉


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