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The Craft Beer Co, Clerkenwell

I went to the Craft Beer Co on Thursday night, at the Clerkenwell end of Leather Lane – (Leather Lane is home to a daily market through the week which used to be home to a glorious juice stall, let’s hope it’s still there!)  Craft Beer Co was, as is the way to describe situations with a dominantly male presence in good number, a cockfest.  And I was a little disappointed with my lady friends that they didn’t give the ales a go! 😉

I understand that it’s not for some, but my experience of Mikkeller in Copenhagen really gave me an education as to what beer can be, accommodating such a range of tastes, I’m sure that with a bit of experimentation, everyone can find something they like.  What I look for is something a bit sweet and syrupy textured, tastes like a cross between a beer and a wine (not sure the pros would agree in my description there!) and punching about 7%.

The Clerkenwell Craft Beer Co had good space and a whole load of selection (obvs), and the staff were more than happy to give tastings before you made your choice.  It’s a real lads catch-up type place, but girls, don’t be scared, they can be ok sometimes, and the place does wine if you’re struggling.

One thing of particular note is that they’ll be no uncomfortable teetering on stalls, they can accommodate a big arse.

Tip: I liked the Rocket IPA!  I hit the beers in half pints to be able to try more, and not spend too much.

Verdict: Proper craft beer boozer, this Clerkenwell branch mid-week had blokey catch-up written all over it.  Nice space, friendly staff, great option for the area.

Craft Beer Co also has branches in Brixton, Clapham, Covent Garden and Islington.

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