Boozy / East London / Shoreditch

Brew Dog on Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch

Yeah, that’s right, another beer place, I’m really getting into it!! And Brew Dog does do it really well…. the vibe of the place and the choice on the taps makes me think it’s the best I’ve tried in town, so let me know if you’ve found better!

One thing I particularly like is that they have Mikkeller on tap, I tried two Mikkeller’s the other night, the 6% (quite lager-like) and the 8%, and loved them both (I can’t remember names but I remember percentages).  As the displays behind the bar and the instruction manual(!) shows, they quote the price and suggest the vessel by the pint, 3/4, half pint and 3/4 pint.  Even if you don’t [think you like] beer, I think you may still like the 3/4 pint measure of 8% Mikkeller served in a fancy glass!

I’ve now been to the Clapham Junction and Bethnal Green Road Brew Dogs, and they’re both of a similar style, fuss free, no loud music, and give you the space you need to have a comfortable catch up with people you care about hearing.

The instruction book at Brew Dog

The instruction book at Brew Dog


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