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The Steelyard, new London Venue

There’s a new ven in town, and it comes in the form of The Steelyard.

Went to see Matthias Meyer and Hot Since 82 and was lovin’ the sounds, all good on that front, it was just the amount of queuing that let the venue slip, but isn’t that always the way? Not many people love a queue, sure, I’ve been in some enjoyable queues in my time, but, it’s the people that make it, you know? not the actual queue.

I’m unsure how tried and tested The Steelyard is at the mo, Cerca Trova held their last party there, so I imagine they must have had a fair number through the door then, but on Friday the coat check was like the last level of Snakes, impossible.  So, with winter coats tied round our waists, so not to let the coat check get us down, we took to the dance floor!

It was a good kind of DF, friendly with room to move.  As you grow to expect with venues starting their post code with “E”, there was a heavy sway to Essexland.  It’s a good looking venue, the thing that unnerved me was the floor… not used to a leveled, laminate feel underfoot when raving in tunnel shaped rooms, I couldn’t even complain about the state of my shoes the next day!!

Verdict: Not sure if it’s dirty enough for my tastes, but sure I’d return if the line-up took me, by then perhaps they will have ironed out the creases.  Will be doing a rip-roaring corporate trade come Christmas party season; the nearest station is Cannon Street.

PS Props to HS82, my first party with the man! & Come back Matthias Meyer, not in the UK for the foreseeable?!!

Hot Since 82 & Matthias Meyer at The Steelyard

Hot Since 82 & Matthias Meyer at The Steelyard

When the sun comes up yeah, on the way home...

When the sun comes up yeah, like to fit in a few sights on the way home


2 thoughts on “The Steelyard, new London Venue

    • I know, doesn’t it?! Planet Angel looks like such a great concept and interesting event! I’ll be watching out for your feedback! Enjoy 🙂


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