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Cocktails at 69 Colebrook Row, Islington

For a Saturday night this is a MUST BOOK situation, I left it until mid-week to book and so was only able to secure a reservation for 18.30, I thought we would be the first people in there, how wrong I was!  This must have been the busiest little place in Islington!

It’s an easy miss, I’ve walked down Colebrook Row on numerous occasions and passed it by without the blink of an eye.  It takes the five year old’s approach to being invisible by covering itself up good, you won’t be street watching out the window window, this is a lock-in!

The cocktail list was such a delight, so many we wanted to try!  The waiters were also super helpful and able to suggest some off-menu cocktails to fit to my mate’s taste.

It’s only a small joint, you take your spot and are pretty based down for the time that you’re there, but it’s a novel little den with great cocktails and service.  Cocktail prices in good establishments are sly little fellas and creep up when they think you’re not looking, but with house cocktails just under a tenner I feel better than usual, I mean, you should be able to get a great drink for ten GBP shouldn’t you?!! and The Bar With No Name (what it’s not called) comes up with the goods.

If this place takes your fancy, also check out Bar Termini, cocktails by the same geeze and shares the same throwback classic Italian style.

Cocktails at 69 Colebrook Row, Islington

Look how fun it is! Cocktails at 69 Colebrook Row, Islington


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