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Natureat Cafe on Holloway Road

I’m very pleased to know I’ve got this healthy eating café in my vicinity.  It’s the sort of place that starts convincing me it’s just as cheap to eat out all the time – for the love of variety on your plate!!! that’s not true, but sometimes £5.95 doesn’t seem to get you very far, not when you only have eyes for Whole Earth peanut butter (peanut butter snob, guilty).

Natureat Café is literally 15 seconds away from Holloway Road tube station, left and a quick left again, just off the main road, giving it just enough breathing room for it’s outside tables to be a bloody lunchtime sun trap in times of hot sun on the Holloway Road.

This tasty mix of hot and cold food was £5.95, of which the cold was help yourself, so buffet buffer credentials on the cards, albeit no bacon bits 😉

Natureat is a blend of the words Nature and Eat, I just want to ensure that subtlety does not pass you by.

Natureat, by Holloway Road tube station, N7 8HS

Can you see how sunny it is?! Holloway Road, I swear.

Can you see how sunny it is?! Holloway Road, I swear!


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