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Dim Sum at E&O in Notting Hill

Well this restaurant come bar was a bloody winner, I can’t get the black cod and prawn dumplings out of my head, I need to go back!

E&O on the corner of Blenheim Crescent and Kensington Park Street, the restaurant had some outside seats on a sunny Sunday around 18.00 (and heaters and blankets!!), so gave it a go for that reason, and was sooooo impressed with what followed.

Lovely spot for people watching, seeing who’s aaat, and abaaaat on Kensington Park Street, even the tramps ain’t no ordinary tramps, Notting Hill tramps have flare!

By the time we finished dinner the inside restaurant and bar had hyped up from a few tables being occupied to it being packed out.

We kept to the cheaper end of the menu and had the house white wine at £22 which I loved, and then edamame, squid, veggie tempura, and two sets of dumplings which came to £64 including service, so for what we had (and where we were!) we were pretty chuffed with a £32pp spend.

E&O in NH, nice one!

E&O, 14 Blenheim Crescent, London W11 1NN

Tasty Dim Sum at E&O! Sarah does chopsticks

Tasty Dim Sum at E&O! Sarah does chopsticks

Inside at E&O

Inside at E&O


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