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The Folly, Monument

I haven’t seen this place on a Thursday or Friday night, but I’m guessing it must be heeeeaving!  The Folly near Monument tube is a massive City bar, from a group of bars I’ve learned to respect, the Drake & Morgan Bars and Restaurants.

This collection of bar/restaurants have a similar formula, large city bars that make it very easy to entertain large groups or work parties, with great presentation and reasonable prices.

I am a big fan of their interior design, with each establishment having a different but telling style.  The downstairs at The Folly is really something to get a glimpse of, didn’t they do a great job of digging with the basement at least as big as the ground floor, offering large tables and private areas.

For my part, The Folly was the first stop on a hen do, and lent itself perfectly as we had a big table and people could go up to the bar freely, although table service was available in the restaurant area.  It’s not somewhere I would think to go if I wasn’t involved with a big group, but there were a good number of people enjoying Saturday brunch, and in an area that can be a little lacking, it’s a large attractive space with friendly staff.

So thanks to The Folly for getting the party started, next stop was Escape Hunt, just around the corner…

The D&M Collection includes:

The Refinery in Southwark
The Parlour in Canary Wharf
The Anthologist near Bank
The Folly near Monument
The Drift near Liverpool Street
The Happenstance in St Paul’s
The Fable in Holborn

Downstairs at The Folly

Downstairs at The Folly


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