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Disappearing Dining Club – Supper-Club Party Thing!

This was the continuation of the hen do that started off at The Folly and onto Escape Hunt, and what a neat idea for our rabble!  The Disappearing Dining Club is a supper-club that’s hosted in different venues and locations, we only got to find out where a couple of days before our Saturday night attendance.

This time it was set in the basement of a place in Dalston – I loved what they’d done with the space, it really was a dinner party with guests sat at long communal tables.  As there were 24 of us, we didn’t NEEEEED to make friends, but I like to think we did so anyway, and it would have been great for mingling if you were in smaller groups of people.

For £56 we got a reception drink, three course meal, and entrance to the post-dinner party in the same venue, with DJs knocking out tunes until 03.00.

You’ll notice when I’m on a big outing, such as a hen do, I skip over the finer details, which is a sign of me having a good time, I mean, who wants to hear about how the food was at a dinner party anyway?  What I know is everyone was smiling at lots of meat and a spoon-lickin’ dessert!  Actually on that, the veggie option got a bit of constructive feedback that night, that it wasn’t packing what the meat option was – I realise some of you will think that’s obvious, but still, what was to come of that feedback will blow your mind!!! The veggie optioners, of which I was one, were asked back to the Disappearing Dining Club for a free meal!  What great news!! and that doesn’t happen often, does it?  And what diamonds, they’ve given me the chance to remember the food, look out for my next post when I will reveal…. [suspense].

Just like the dinner parties you used to be too young to go to!

Just like the dinner parties I once was too young to go to!


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