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Disappearing Dining Club – Part II, Back in 5 Minutes

Having enjoyed the Disappearing Dining Club’s Saturday night festivities (Previous Post), we were back, this time on Brick Lane where they have a hidden existence at the back of a shop called Ante.  Really would not have ever guessed that beyond the front of a fairly minimal looking fashion shop, there was a retro dining den awaiting!

Thanks very much to our brilliant server who brought everything out in casual but just right timing, from reception drink, to a chilled glass of delicate soup, to our lovely starter, main and dessert… oh, and the wine, it was definitely mid-week wine time.  Stand out for me was the goats cheese and watermelon with asparagus starter, what a crazy good combination I have hopes of trying myself in the future!  Also the polenta chips with ratatouille, what a great main that was heartily felt by the veggies; all the food was of a high standard.

This element of Disappearing Dining Club is called Back in 5 minutes and can home 28 diners, spread among three tables, open Tuesday to Saturday evenings and offers set menus for £30/35/£45. Whilst it would be somewhere quirky-cool to take a date or a few friends, it’s also a great place to bear in mind if you were trying to book dinner for a large group of people as it’s got the right attitude to be able to accommodate, and given enough numbers you could pretty much take over the place – I’ll definitely be bearing it in mind for future.

So couple of shout outs here to DDC in loving your work fashion, cheers for listening – you more than compensated for the feedback you received from Post 1, thanks for getting my hen-do fueled lost bag back to me (can’t wait to don the wig again!), and thanks for owning such a glorious retro-sideboard that people from all around can come to admire.

Location: Back in 5 minutes, in Ante, 224 Brick Lane, London E1 6S
Nearest Station: Shoreditch High St

If you’re looking for a pub to meet or go onto, check out Well & Bucket
Also wine bar, Bistrot, is just across the road!

Loved this phallic starter, that's white asparagus btw

Loved this phallic starter, that’s white asparagus btw

The girls are happy, that's what matters, (sideboard in background - what really matters)

The girls are happy, that’s what matters, (sideboard in background – what really matters)


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