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Rather eat a piece of toast, Ibiza, & 6 June Happenings. Confused? So am I.

I don’t normally write posts about nothing, but I know this blog has been absent for a time and just want to say “I’m still with it!”  It’s been a busy ol’ time of it with some of my best mates getting married in Ibiza and the group holiday organising that brings 🙂

For those of you that are into the scene and know the beautiful time, eclectic mix of fun people, and Balearic rhythms the White Isle brings I hope you get out there this season.  Sven Vath pumping it out at the top of Ibiza’s Old Town, Dalt Vila was a real highlight (I like to call that cultural raving).

Anyway, this is going to miss the mark somewhat because it’s got nothing to do with London, but, there you go.  Enjoy a shot of Es Vedra off the South East corner of Ibiza, what a welcome to the island!

Taken from the Plane!! Credit to IG's ellie_moore85

Taken from the Plane!! Credit to IG’s ellie_moore85

Thankfully not too much time to come down as am off to Field Day this weekend.  There are still tickets for Sunday if you are ready to surrender yourself to UK Summer Festival Time!!  THE WEATHER IS LOOKING GOOD PEOPLE, IT’S LOOKING GOOD!!! Field Day is my favourite London festival in recent years.

Another great fixture on the block is Lock-in Lunch, held at Hix near Liverpool Street.  I’ve written about these guys before here, or check out another recent review to get a fuller flavour.  Website:


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