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Kings Cross Dishoom, yes yes yo

First there was St Martin’s Lane, then there was Shoreditch, and now it’s gone and made itself a trilogy with a third offering in Kings Cross.  As Dishoom’s success has snowballed so has its m2, with its Kings Cross restaurant simply, as my accompanying friend put it (can’t take the credit for someone’s word of the moment),…. behemoth!!!

We turned up on a Sunday afternoon and there was 45 minutes wait for a table for three.  We were taken downstairs to the lounge bar area and ordered a cocktail – Sonia’s Negroni if you want bang for your buck (always).  As with the previous Dishooms, a lot of effort has gone into the look of the place, and you’d be within your rights to request a moment of silence to take it all in.

When our table was ready, up we went two flights of stairs to the first floor, bypassing the ground floor bar which also provides good drinking space.  If you’ve never eaten at Dishoom it’s a taste sensation and I’m sure everyone will tell you that if you order one thing, let it be the black daal, amazing.

This restaurant is just around the corner from Caravan in the far corner of Granary Square, Granary Square being a great outside spot with water jet fountains that you can control by downloading an app – whatever next aye?!

Verdict: Exceptionally tasty food, great service, all a bit of a novelty, good shout for a large party providing you book

Kings Cross Dishoom

Kings Cross Dishoom


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