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Manmade Crafty Fox Market at Old Truman Brewery

I’ve been stealthily stalking the movements of I Am Acrylic since I discovered they did acrylic jewellery workshops, and yesterday I tracked them down at the Manmade Market being held at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.

Thanks to Ruth and Brendan who guided me and Laura through making our own acrylic necklaces, the workshop was £10 and we walked away with our self-designed and crafted necklaces which all took about an hour – props to Laura for her work, the girl done good.

The market is the chance for “men that make” to show their wares, and what a unique bunch of wicked works were on display!!  It’s free entry and on again today (Saturday 13 June) and I cannot recommend it highly enough!  There’s a DJ knocking out tunes and a craft beer bar in the corner, so I recommend grabbing a bottle and getting a mooch on.  I walked away with some original sauces from Smokey Davidsons (Kent Boi, oi oi!), but also many an idea for future presents.

All of the traders sell online or through Etsy, so I’ll just list out some of the ones I came across – they really are worth checking out!

Tomsky – Very cool woody layering stuff to go on the wall or as jewellery:

Ink Heart – Intricate illustrations as art or phone covers etc:

Rodology – Get this, jewellery made out of clock parts – the cufflinks were a highlight!

Tom Berry Art – Crazy good illustrations, many London themed:

Daniel Darby Jewellery – tiny little hammers?!! awesome jewellery:

Smokey Davidsons – homemade sauces and spices, perfect for flavouring meat:

Filing away

Filing away

Laura's only gone and made herself a neon shell

Laura’s only gone and made herself a neon shell

Mission Accomplished, we are acrylic

Mission Accomplished, we are acrylic


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