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Alice in Wonderland Theatre at The Vaults, Waterloo

I’d heard Alice in Wonderland Theatre was coming, and here it is!

Steph Bennett

I do love a bit of immersive theatre so when Thamy suggested we go to Wonderland (aka The Vaults in London) to see Alice and friends I was very excited. A childhood fave! “Curiouser and curiouser!” and all that.

Met by Mr. Rabbit on arrival he takes you to get your ‘suit’ – I was a diamond – and then leads you through the tunnels and rooms of The Vaults to experience many a scene from the story meeting all the characters along the way. The only person we didn’t meet was the Chesire cat.

The story concludes in the Queen’s court with a trial with all the suits present to give evidence where of course nonsense was not tolerated at all 😉. The temptation to be silly was immense!

A quick pose with a walrus to make a little gif, a ‘Rabbit’ pie – named after Rabbit not…

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