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Comedy Store Players at Shakespeare’s Globe on Southbank

Shakespeare’s Globe holds a fine position on London’s Southbank, and whilst I had admired from the outside previously, last week I actually got to go inside and truly appreciate its glory!! This was for a once a year happening, when the Globe plays host to comedy improv group the Comedy Store Players (their usual home being The Comedy Store near Leicester Square).

It was the day my friends and I returned from Glastonbury, and so in fragile state, we wanted a top in our lager, but there wasn’t a soda gun at the outside bar!! The only fix was to buy a san pellegrino limonata to self-pour a top for the sweet lager top hit – it was time to check ourselves, but as one of the gang said, I don’t expect the Shakespeare’s Globe clientele was going to call us out on it.

OK, not this one, the yellow one, but the foil hat style remains the same across the clements

OK, not this one, the yellow one, but the foil hat style remains the same across the clements

A man on foot ringing a bell signaled it was time to take our places, so into the yard we doth go.  The yard is the standing area in the middle of the round, what’s called the cheap tickets, but I thought it was a great spot (especially for £5!!), with a well-timed interval, I didn’t get tired of standing, even off the back of Glastonbury!  We were lucky with a beautiful evening, but it’s open air nature means, if it rains, you get wet, such is life.

I haven’t been aware of the work of the Comedy Store Players until now, and they’re going to be one of those things I hark on about to anyone that will listen, “you really should check out their show at the Comedy Store on Wednesdays and Sundays, guaranteed laugh, what entertainment!!”  They’ve also got a special fixture in the upcoming, performing at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre on Sunday 26 July.

The inside of the Globe is really quite something to see, and I like the fact they make ticket prices accessible, keep a look out on what the Globe has coming up!  I’ve just bought £5 tickets to As You Like It in August so I actually get my Shakespeare on at Shakespeare’s Globe next time round, it seemed right.

Not a bad view from Bankside at Shakespeare’s Globe

The unassuming Shakespeare’s Globe, just like they used to make in the 14th Century!


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