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CHEAP AVOCADOS! (now I’ve got your attention…) at Chapel Market, Islington

Having grown up in Maidstone, Chapel Market gave me a sense of nostalgia on first visit, likening it to my trips daan Maidstone Market, back when I was a gel (hard “g”) – a market that allowed me to exercise my eclecticism young, picking up Jazzy Jeff style mirrored shades, Indian hippy dresses and a “Naff” jacket (when all the other kids at school were wearing “naff naff” – cheers mum  ;-)), all whilst sinking five hot sugary doughnuts for a pound [said paaand] #thisisliving.

Chapel Market is old school, it’s fruit and veg, clothes, plants, lighters and batteries, seafood, Calvin Klein’s but are they Calvin Klein’s? and just as there’s an unbearable heatwave, what do you know? Del boy’s only gone and got a container ship of electric fans with optional rotate setting to flog!!

Closeby to Angel Tube station, Chapel Market has a permanent fixture in my Saturday Calendar (runs 9.00-18.00 and 8.30-16.00 on Sunday), the main reason being the good price on avocados, few things in the world make me feel so satisfied.

There’s a few of the new wave stalls creeping in, including a tasty looking cheese stall and a Greek pastry stall, but without having turned to Italian-Japanese fusion street food.  Although, there’s space for a lot more stalls, so perhaps in time.

Also worth mentioning there are some solid looking cafes that line the road that would give you a lot more change than anything frequented on the Camden Passage side of Upper Street.

VERDICT: no need to travel from afar, but if you’re in the vicinity, give it a whirl, and if you’ve got an opinion on whether that market trader is having a laugh with us when he says how lovely the [insert fruit] are, or if that’s genuine barter banter, let me know

[Apologies, if the above is hard to follow for non-Kent natives, I wrote this in unaccommodating fashion.]

Fishmonger at Chapel Market

Can you hake it?

Avocado at Chapel Market

The word “avocado” comes from the Spanish aguacate, which in turn comes from the Nahuatl word āhuacatl [aːˈwakat͡ɬ],[11] which goes back to the proto-Aztecan *pa:wa which also meant “avocado”.[12] Sometimes the Nahuatl word was used with the meaning “testicle”, probably because of the likeness between the fruit and the body part.

Chapel Market

Apples and Pears

 Bloomin' Marvelous, Chapel Market

Bloomin’ Marvelous

Chapel Market, looks like there's a good little Italian gaff on this corner

Chapel Market, looks like there’s a good little Italian gaff on this corner


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