Boozy / Foodie / West London

West 36 Bar and Restaurant, West London

Oh Notting Hill and its Sunday moochability, it’s perfect for the job.  Beautiful streets with houses to swoon over, stalls and wears to peruse, plus restaurants and bars splattered about its back streets.

On one said Sunday myself and a couple of girlfriends popped in (fairly new) bar and restaurant West 36 for an afternoon cocktail.

Set in a Town House, W36 was busy with people Sunday Brunchin’ and Lunchin’.  We sat at the bar, which had a glow about it, and made me feel safe, it’s nice to be near a bar, especially one like this.  I had a rum and raisin cocktail which I highly recommend!!

Whilst we drank at the ground floor bar, we also explored upstairs which was a surprise of further rooms, one of which had a DJ booth, as well as actual living people having lunch, plus, an outside terrace!  The space would definitely make for a great private party.

West 36 is just down the road from Pizza East (another good option) in what seemed a pretty quiet piece of town on a lazy Sunday, and how lovely it was to be welcomed into the fold for a boozy refresher.

Cocktails at West 36

Bellinis at West 36, it’s Sunday, it’s fine, this doesn’t have to go anywhere

DJ Booth upstairs at West 36

Bear Grooves, DJ Booth upstairs at West 36

Terrace at West 36

La Terrazza @ West 36 #smokersparadise

Upstairs room at West 36

One of the upstairs rooms, how cosy!


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