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Kennington Pulls It Out the Bag – Tennis and Pub Lunch

I’m up for tennis, are you up for tennis?
Yes, I’m up for tennis, but where should we play?
[Researching of court booking procedures and fees.]
Kennington Park is £8.15 for an hour, we can book online?
Ok, let’s do that.

Friendly 1 hour and 20 minutes of being no way near as good as tennis as I reckoned myself ensues.  Target rally of +15 strokes is reached, and we depart for pub lunch, having ‘done our bit’ for the day.

First stop was The Kennington Pub and Kitchen.  They poured us a very enjoyable pint of Estrella and we sat in their sunny roadside quarters, however, it was the Fifth Test of The Ashes at The Oval and the pub was fully booked for lunch!!!  That’s what people do apparently, (corporate boys parties), they pop out from the ground for a pub lunch and wine aplenty, ready to hit the afternoon session with full bellies and good cheer!! (I am currently reading historic fiction.)

Second stop, in search of a food serving pub, was The Dog House.  Now I thought I’d fully explored Kennington, but this visit taught me otherwise, with a not seen before strip of multi-coloured establishments finishing at a junction with The Dog House on its corner.

The Dog House has a good amount of outside seating, food was being served and the cricket was being shown on a big screen, could Friday afternoon get much better?! I have to praise the kitchen, I was completely surprised by the quality of the food.  My friend and I did bounce around the usual pub grub options but what we had was a real delight – we shared two small plates being a super food salad and a smoked mackerel dish, with a main of poached eggs, spinach, potato rosti, mushrooms and spring onions, it really was dreamy!!  We chose from a menu that’s very different to that shown on their website, so perhaps changes are afoot in the kitchen.  It was a really good quality feed.

I was a big fan of the pub generally, friendly, accommodating staff, big screen, outside space, good food, and an upstairs function room… it’s ticking boxes!!

Other good pubs in the vicinity:
The Prince of Wales – positioned in the corner of a square where you can play boulles – ask the pub for a set of balls!
The Fentiman Arms – oh it’s a Geronimo pub, that explains it! – nice looking pub with ample outside space out back.

Dog House Kennington

Yes Tennis, especially when it deserves you this little lot!

Dog House food

And I have a 15% success rate with poached eggs


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