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FORZA WIN(S) – Supper Club in Peckham Rye

I can’t get enough of the supper club set up: you buy a set price ticket and you’re in for a given amount of food with drinks either supplementary or BYO.  This makes going out with friends for dinner so much more affordable and easier.  No more awkward splitting of the bill or uneasy realisation that even a dinner at Ping Pong hasn’t worked out cheap.

Add to the transparent (and prepaid) ticket cost, a great deal of top rate food shared along communal trestle tables, a lively atmosphere and good Saturday night cheer, plus a bar serving cocktails and wine, then you’re on course for catching the drift of Forza Win.  This edition of Forza Win is held in a Peckham Rye warehouse, just around the corner from the Bussey Building (whose rooftop bar provided a perfect pre-drink).

At the beginning, the jolly host set out the night’s story, what food we could expect, the share bear tactics, and to make our own wanderings to the bar.  We were prepped, we were happy, and shortly after, we were fed and well “watered”- the only sad part of the evening was when we had to leave!  The pasta (that was made by the Forza team that day) was an absolute standout, as was the plentiful racks of lamb, I hadn’t had a better feed in aaaaages!  Also worth a mention that the veggies were very happy with their plates, which were substantial.


£35 well spent, tickets for this Peckham delight are available up until 26 September so get involved! – I’ll be looking out for more Forza Win antics – thanks to Hayley for organising our TEAM outing, Hooooooah!! 😉 x

Forza Win Website

Forza Win Feast Night!

Don’t mind me, I actually am impressed.


FEASTING OUT: Communal Dining at Forza Win

The Girls!!

They’ve got the lean, all about 45 degs


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