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Voodoo Ray’s – DALSTON

Lovely post from GGBook, darn right Voodoo Ray’s is great pre Dance Tunnel filler!

Block9 at Glastonbury isn’t the obvious place for someone to eat a Voodoo Ray’s slice of pizza, but it really is so good you can make yourself hungry! – and they gave my mate a free slice because he was wearing a Voodoo Ray’s T-shirt – they give the people what they want!! 🙂


It’s all about New York-style pizza!

Served by slice, Voodoo Rays’ gigantic pizzas are the most satisfying thing ever when you got a late-night munchie and the line waiting outside this place almost every night of the week definitely proves I am right (once again, of course).

otheroption_vr_about Photo Credit: Voodoo Ray’s

Whether you’re headed to Dalston Superstore or going home for a crazy night at The Nest, this pizza joint has become an icon in Dalston. Minimal interior, craft beers and the countless toppings attract a large clientele, from local hipsters to…everyone else.

Yes, if you don’t live in East London, it is a bit of a hike to go all the way to Kingsland High Street for a slice of pizza, but trust me, it will be worth the effort!

95 Kingsland High St
London E8 2PB

020 7249 7865

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