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Paradise Garage in Bethnal Green

So given there’s no Frankie Knuckle Sandwich or Stuffed Vinyl Leaves on the Paradise Garage menu, I have concluded the naming of this restaurant harks not to its 90s US dance movement namesake, but to the fact its situated on Paradise Row in an industrial type unit that could well have been…a garage.

The restaurant looks oh-so appealing and without a reservation, I would have felt an attack of FOMO walking by its large glass frontage, seeing everyone having a jolly good time inside.

A £45 five course tasting menu was coming up, and there was every reason to be excited, the drinks pairings added £35, and from what ensued, I’d land that in great value for money territory.

The restaurant has limited counter seating at the back of its dining room, I just love sitting at counters to keep abreast of the creation going on behind them – a morning call was made to sort this and the restaurant did oblige, nice one!

The food was… I’m going to say it… utterly delectable, it was the best meal I’ve had in a long time, I can only think of Palomar to compare, and what had a big part to play in making the evening so enjoyable and seamless was the staff – CHEERS to Elsie for your splendid service, you were so very right to recommend the venison (top tip).

Paradise Garage is the third work of husband and wife team Robin and Sarah Gill, and after the paradise experience, The Dairy and The Manor have definitely bumped themselves up the to do list.

The Taster Menu at Paradise Garage

What a taster menu! – I’ll have two of those pleeease 😉

Paradise Garage Chefs

Chefing away, props to the lads

Inside Paradise Garage

White tiles, hanging bulbs, & a corrugated ceiling, that’s where it’s at

whiskey butter and sourdough

Whiskey butter!!!! what a butter


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