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Wilton’s Music Hall, Wapping

Wilton’s Music Hall – who knew?!!  It was only on my perusing of London plays that I came across this gem of a venue.  (It has recently staged a run of The Sting.)

Whilst I wasn’t quite up for laying out the cost of a theatre ticket, I was up for a £6 Monday night history tour of the venue!

Thanks very much to Carol the tour guide, she did a sterling job of filling us in on the Music Hall’s lively history which helped create some of the first celebrities!  Indeed George Leybourne (aka “Charlie Champagne”) was so popular that Moet & Chandon sponsored him to exclusively drink their champagne – Go on Moet’s 19th Century marketing team!!

The Music Hall building has an enchanting pub room attached to it, which is perfectly cosy for a winter’s evening; decent selection of beers, ales, wines and bar snacks (macaroni cheese even!! liking that).  I might just try and fit in a drink when I’m next on my way to Studio Spaces!!  I wouldn’t say it was the typical rave warm-up, but I would feel pretty smug showing everyone it was there!

To check out what’s on at Wilton Music Hall and for more information, visit their website.  It’s well worth a visit!

Wilton's Music Hall

Magical History Tour!

Wilton's Music Hall

Looking good Wilton’s Music Hall!!


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