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Street Feast’s Hawker House, Canada Water

For 20 minutes I thought Street Feast’s new Hawker House was only half as good as it actually was, then I discovered there was a whole other side to it!!!  Tip, on entrance, you can go straight ahead or left to what I think is a cooler space with a cosy upper level.

With a move out to Canada Water, Street Feast’s new offering is dominating many more m2 than last year’s Kingsland Road home – the fact “Hawker House” has popped up in a different location also forced me to recognise that Hawker House is a name given by Street Feast and not a perfect coincidence on the part of Kingsland Road property!

One could wonder whether Canada Water is going to get as much footfall as Kingsland Road, but preview night was rammo’d so I don’t think there’s any worries there, (plus, it’s not all that often the suckers over at Canary Wharf have a reason to stay put after work and make people come to them).  After all, they’re onto a winning formula; somewhere warm and welcoming, where mates can turn up when they want and get fed and watered to their own budget.  It makes eating and drinking out a casual affair where anyone can join, and you may well bump into someone or get to talking to someone new, which is just bloody lovely, isn’t it?!

It seems a lot of the food sellers are doing three of [*insert steamed bun/mini topped naan/topped savory pancake etc] for a tenner.  Tbh, I’ve had better “value for money” £10 meals, and I think if you only spend £10 you’re probably going to be left hungry, unless you make some sensible filling choices – the pizza sliders, and the jerk chicken place looked like they had potential on that front.  Fish tacos will forever have a special place in my heart, but there’s heaps on offer, with craft beers and Milk & Honey cocktail bar to boot.

Hawker House and Dinerama in Shoreditch are Street Feast’s winter season offerings, I can but recommend to GET ON DOWN.

Website: streetfeastlondon.com

Hawker House

There’s more to life than this side of Hawker House

Hawker House - it's a van

View from the tacos counter!

Naan taco

Vegetarian min naan – taaaasty…. £4


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