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Cheese and Wine – not just for Christmas!!

Well looky what we have here…

prov sign

A wine and cheese (and beer and other bits) shop on the Holloway Road, 167 Holloway Road!

It was the refill wine taps that caught my eye, buy a bottle for £2 and fill it up for £6, so £8 on first buy and £6 thereafter.  Given that I live nearby and the wines on tap were far superior to those I could get elsewhere for £6, I was sold, with a tip of my hat to sustainability!

The shop is run by a couple of French dudes, who cut the dijon on knowledge of their small producer wares.

It’s the perfect time of year to treat yourself to something original in the wine and cheese department – I’d say pop in for some Christmas goods and you’ll probably want to restock all year round!

If truffle is your thing, they’ve got the black stuff right here, circa £13 for a piece the size of the top of your thumb… worst size guide everrrrr.

Check out Provisions’ website for details of tasting events.



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