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Flat Iron Steaks up to the Plate

With all the face-feeding moments that go on in December, it’s a tough task to pick a fave, and seeing as you can’t all come round to my house for a knock-out venison wellington (#smugface), I’m pointing to FLAT IRON.

Three Friends, One Dinner.
The Order: 3x steak, 1x steak special, 1x all the sides plus 1 extra chips, 3x sauces, 2x Bottles of Malbec, 1x dessert, which all came to the sum of £43 per person including service.

It was well worth the £3.33 recurring, to have a sharing taste of the special.  In wholly amateurish fashion, I do not know what steak was served up as “the usual”, nor “the special”, should I know the type of cow?  What I can tell you is they were “steaky” and “steakier”, respectively.  The caramel mousse on which you self-sprinkle rock salt is a highly recommended dessert, coming from a person that doesn’t usually have dessert (waste of booze calories).  And si, si, si to the Malbec at around £19 – we ordered our second bottle after we’d finished eating as it would be a hard job to find a pub or bar that was offering as supable sup at that price, PLUS a seat – why move?!

FI Table

We visited the Soho original branch on Beak Street, there is now another branch on Denman Street and also at Covent Garden.  The queue outside was loooooong at 18.00 on a busy Christmas evening, but after a few minutes we were able to leave our name and number and dart around the corner’s Kingley Court to wet our whistles whilst we worked (waited).  We were able to keep up to date with where we were in the queue via app, and after 1 hour 15 we were text to say that our table was ready.  Yipeeeee!!

This particular restaurant is spread over three floors and we sat in the basement, which I liked the most out of all the floors, as it had less seating and more bar, “a more intimate feel”, I would say.

VERDICT: when you’re in the mood for some red meat, look no further, Flat Iron does one thing and it does it very very well.

[End of text, and I didn’t even mention the bloody knife and chopping board, did I?!]


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