Foodie / Soho

Barrafina, Frith Street, Soho

At last, it happened, I dined at Barrafina’s Soho original and it was everything everyone said it would be!!

I’ve tried my luck a few times, only to be faced with a queue too long for my hunger to bear, so last Saturday, myself and a friend were stood outside its door ready for its 17.00 opening.  We weren’t the only ones with this strategy, and once the queue was shown in, we narrowly missed first service by four positions.  However we were able to take a standing position inside, and start on the wine whilst we waited for a stall.

The food was an absolute treat, and the buzz of the place is a joy to behold.  The fact ALL diners are sat at the counter looking into the hubbub of cooking and service, that breaks out as dishes are passed between diners, among Spanish chatter and calling between staff, includes the whole room in a charged energy.

We went for:  Bottle of red wine, padron peppers and monkfish for our standing at the side of the room nibbles.  Then once we had a stall: Special of cuttlefish and chickpeas, salad with pancetta and anchovies, bread con tomate x 2, and the cheeseboard to finish off, which came to £42 each.

From what I could see of the other dishes flying before my eyes, the tuna tartare looked great, as did the original tortilla (oozing in the middle!), and the octopus… so they’re next on my Barrafina dish hit list, and having started at the original, there’s more to try with branches on Drury Lane near Covent Garden, and Adelaide Street near Charing Cross.



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