Boozy / Foodie / South London

The Garrison, Bermondsey Street

Less than 10 minutes from the people-bashing hotspots of Borough Market, London Bridge and Tooley Street, Bermondsey Street has an offbeat charm and surprising number of establishments to hopscotch between, including Tanner & Co, The Woolpack, The Garrison, Fuckoffee, José and more!!

I love the way it harks back to Victorian times with its old fashioned workers’ yard architecture, we even passed a man laying cobbles in the entrance of one such building, down on the ground in the miserable weather, I think he was wearing a flat cap too!

The Garrison is a glowy shabby-chic gastropub, with a mix of high and low tables, a strong bar, and a very confident spraying of grandma’s lampshades.  What to eat was a difficult choice, as the majority of the menu appealed, but I eventually opted for a couple of small plates to make up a main portion, in crab on toast and a risotto, both of which were lovely.

It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serves bar snacks, has a choosey wine list, guest ales, a downstairs private dining room AND cinema screen!

Definitely one to check out if you are in a Bermondsey state of mind, and if you cruise by on a Saturday, why not check out nearby Maltby Street Market?!


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