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Patty & Bun, Burger Love

Patty & Bun have certainly come a long way since their popup at Soho’s The Endurance (RIP, missed and not forgotten).  It was there, about four years ago, I was introduced to P&B’s savageness, the first burger I’d tasted outside of NYC that tasted like a burger from NYC!

P&B now have four outlets.  I recently visited their newest at the Cambridge Circus end of Old Compton Street, and you’ll find the other three in Marylebone, Liverpool St and London Fields.  Yes, I like burgers, but the only time you’ll find me aboard the burger hoo-haa train, is when Patty & Bun are involved, then I’m driving the goddamn hoo-haa train and pulling on the TOOT TOOT.

The new place (being the old Stockpot) has an upstairs with a bar at the back, and a downstairs where you have partial view of the kitchen.  All tables were taken when my friend and I entered, so we grabbed a drink at the bar to wait.  WHAT a cocktail list.  Be you strong of heart, may I suggest the Turtle’s Margarita, with an ingredients list of: mescal, tequila, Cointreau, strawberry, hot sauce and lime, it certainly offers oomph and is a perfect accompaniment to burger, chips and slaw!

And what of the burger, chips and slaw?!!  It’s brioche, it’s meaty, it’s wet, it’s sloppy, it’s oh so tasty, it’s crunchy chippy and basily slawry and I will never write of another burger, this is THE ONE for me.


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