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The Splendour of Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a wonderland of horticulture and must be seen!!

It’s been sat on my To Do List for some time, and the time finally arrived in the guise of mum and daughters’ day out, cheers mum! 🙂

Imagining a bunch of greenhouses, a few cafes and some grounds, I was wholly unprepared for the sheer size of it!  There really is so much to explore and appreciate.  My personal faves were the Treetop Walkway and the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Adult entrance is £15, there’s lots of cafes and toilets dotted about the site, I had a tip off for good food at The Orangery but unfortunately it was closing early for a private function on the day of visit, however it was a lovely bright and airy space.

The weather was rather grey and drizzly but I think it allowed us to cover more ground compared to a sunny day.  Although I hope to return on a sunny day with a picnic, as Kew Gardens certainly provides a great setting and day out.

Oh, and one other thing that gives top marks to Kew Gardens, is that it sits under the Heathrow flight path, and it was great to see the jets role in overhead 🙂

Kew Med

Flight Path Hooooooah




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