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Camden Beach at Roundhouse Rooftop

If only it were tropical not typical, the evening I go to make hay on a sandy rooftop, summer cocktails in hand, the weather time-warps to February!  Beach, BBQ and Brollies UNITED.

So what’s Camden Beach? 

It’s the Roundhouse’s redressing of their outside bar area.  They have shipped in I don’t know how much sand, tens of deck chairs, approximately eight beach huts (don’t get any ideas, only possible with a work credit card), a couple of bars, and one BBQ selling some tasty Caribbean food.  There’s limited covered room, so I’d say it is more of a fair weather occasion, although everyone may think that, in which case you could dominate the comfort cushions, play game after game of ping pong, and all out lord it up!

Camden Beach is open until Monday 29 August, there’s 2-4-1 Cocktails Monday to Friday 5-7pm, as well as music and other events happening throughout its station.  Check it out here.

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