Foodie / Fun / Islington

Black Axe Mangal, Islington

Cocktail umbrellas, heavy metal, tropical table cloths, and FULL ON meat. They’re not things I usually go for, but when they come together at Black Axe Mangal, it just feels right.

Given its strong reputation and no reservations policy, our threesome felt chuffed to be seated on entrance at 21.00 on a Friday night – what comes of giving it well over a year since its opening.  And it is the perfect Friday night pick, the type of place you can talk loud, quickly order another round, and feel like you’ve had a good night out, even if you go no further.

I loved the succinct menu, making it easy to get on with the show, we went for:

Lamb offal flatbread
Squid ink, cods roe and egg yolk flatbread
Pigs cheek and muscles
Hash browns
Bone marrow
One of each of the three cocktails, AGAIN, AND AGAIN.

All came to £40 each, loved it, would come again.







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