London Consultant Service

Many among you will recognise that to truly get the most out of a city, it’s good to know a local, or else it can take a lot of research and planning.  It’s all too easy to fall into the tourist trap when you don’t know where you are going.  It pains me to see tourists eating in an overpriced sub-standard chain restaurant near Oxford Street when just around the corner Soho homes a wealth of good food at reasonable prices.

If you are visiting London from nearby or far and are in need of some advice, please get in touch.

I will send you a questionnaire to get some general information about your visit, what you enjoy, and  requirements for your visit.

I won’t help in booking regular London tourist attractions, but instead give insider tips of what’s on offer at your time of visit, personally suited to you, whether you are travelling on your own, as part of a group, or business trip.

I’m just getting started at this game and so I will do this for absolutely FREE to help build up some testimonials of my service.

For enquiries please submit a comment on the Contact Page.


Soaking up London's South Bank

Soaking up London’s South Bank


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